Don't let natural wildfires threaten your home. or Business.
  Flame Retardant painting
 of your home has saved Lives. You can't afford not to take the time to avoid being caught in the wake of existing fires, and even prevent them from happening in your own home.  You must take the time and funds to prevent a fire in your home today

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1 - Fire Retardant Painting
2 - Acrylic  Wall Texture
4 - Anti graffiti Painting
5 - Thermal Painting
6 - Industrial Paint Coating


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Water Tank
Inspection  Division

Thermal painting of tanks

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Wall Paper
Vinyl Wall covering
Flux painting
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Water Tank Painting
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Flux Painters
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Our company has been providing commercial and industrial painting services
for over 25 years completing work on...
  1. Shopping Malls

  2. Condominium complexes          See our Division   For  Acrylic  Wall Texture

  3. Apartment Complexes                          - Hotels Casinos Offices

  4. Hospital

  5. Casino Division   Parking structures  High-rise building Painting Hotels  Water Towers  Industrial Complexes
    Anaheim  vinyl  Hangers

Man power is no problem! 7 Days a week; Day and Nightshifts

Commercial and Industrial Painting Services

Industrial and Commercial Painting Contractors We provides industrial and commercial painting services to areas all around the country. We service areas around the state of California, and we are more than willing to complete industrial and commercial painting projects in  all other states. Our experienced painters are ready to work in any environment. Professionalism and job safety are practiced regularly by all of our works in order to deliver quality service.

Learn more about our commercial painting services in commercial wallcovering or,
  commercial epoxy coatings. High Rise Painting, acrlic Knock Down for hotels , & our fire proof & Thermal painting of schools, hospitals, care centers, factories, structurl steel coatings  Call  Patrick  1 - 877-749-5554  

Hire a California painting contractor who offers experienced painters and quality service. Our painting contractors will service areas surrounding the state of Ca, and we offer experience with many different construction, industrial and commercial projects. Our painting company is competent and willing to work for you. We provide a painting contractor service beyond the standard painting company, We want to have you as a client for years to come. When you need a office painted or tower, tank, smoke stack, processing plant painted,  we will be there. Rust removal and water & sand blasting.
Lead Removal Contractor as well. Epoxy floors ,walls and industrial structures no matter high, we can provide the painters for the specific job. Custom wall paper and vinyl wall covering in casinos ,offices, restraints hospitals  including Acrylic Texture for walls and ceilings.
               large commercial & Industrial roofs -Tanks -Towers -Pipes
                     Why not enjoy with the technology of solar coatings

If you are looking for a painting contractor and are located around the state of California, we offer quality painting and experience. We specialize in working with commercial companies for wallpaper and borders, epoxy paints or coatings in industrial or commercial job sites. We are experienced California painting contractor ready for your next commercial painting project. Contact us today for industrial or commercial painting contractors.

Serving the state of California as a painting contractor licensed and bonded for both commercial painting and Commercial wall paper and vinyl.

    Painting and Coating Services:

  • Epoxy

  • Oil

  • Stains

  • Commercial Wallcovering and Wallpaper

  • Commercial contractors in California

  • Electrostatic metal painting La.

  • Commercial Epoxy concrete coatings SF.                                 Thermal Painting
                  Pipes - Tanks - Roofs - Containers - Houses -  Rv's


  • Painting Experience:

  • Commercial Properties

  • High-rise buildings

  • Logos

  • Towers

  • Malls

  • Parking Garages

  • New construction

  • Industrial structures

  • Hotels

  • Condominium complexes

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Townhouse Complexes

  • Hospitals

  • Casinos

  • Shopping Malls

  • Water Towers

  • Schools

Company of Great Western Painting  Who delivers painting services above other commercial painting companies. Our experience with High-Rise buildings ensures safety and quality. We understand the needs of commercial and industrial companies in all areas of concern. When painting commercial and residential projects, you must have confidence in your abilities to complete you project. You need to be aware of your surroundings. Using safety precautions in and around the work-space. Our local, CA painting company looks forward to your commercial painting or residential painting project in all of California  San Diego, LA, Bay area, Sacramento,

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For Acrylic Texture
 Hotels - Casinos -  Restaurants
Office buildings high traffic areas.
Where wall are bumped torn scraped, scratched and marred.
When product dries on the walls it's like having a iron film to protect you investment.
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Industrial   Plants

Plastering • Spackling• Skim Coating• Electrostatic Spraying• Airless Spraying• Textured Ceilings Applied and Removed • Multicolor: Plextone & Zolotone • Decorative Finishes• Wall Coverings Installed, Removed, Cleaned and Repaired• Pressure Washing• Rigging & Scaffolding• Night & Weekend Service Available

We are Professional at hanging Vinyl Wall

We paper complete Hotels Condos & Apartments Blocks of rooms  floors at a time,

         For Acrylic Texture

Intumescent Painting


Large   Crews
 Available weekends & nights   24/7